A simple way to identify the quality of artificial quartz stone!

- Feb 12, 2019-


There are many types of home-made stone. Artificial quartz stone is a good one in recent years. Because its environmental characteristics are favored by many families, then, do you know how to identify the quality of artificial quartz stone?

Look at the appearance

First of all, look at the surface particle color is uniform, if you look at the particles to see if you can faintly see the next layer of particles, the more clearly the better. Secondly, look at the side: whether there are bubbles on the side of the kanban, if there is, it means that the quality ratio is low, and the good plate should be free of air bubbles. The so-called solid surface material refers to the absence of any tiny bubbles in the product. The surface is a high-density solid material with excellent physical and chemical properties. If the product cannot eliminate the internal bubbles in the product, this product cannot be called. For solid surface materials, the quality is naturally impossible to talk about.

Look at the cutting piece

The small pieces (thickness within 2 mm) cut by the workers during the installation to see if they are elastic, the better the elasticity and toughness, the better the quality and the higher the price.

Consumers can identify their quality from the current point of purchase:

First, the appearance is in sufficient light, look at the appearance at a 45-degree angle, the high-quality product particles are uniform, no hair pores, while the inferior products are uneven in particles and have capillary pores;

2. Acid and Corrosion Resistance After vinegar is dropped onto the countertop for 24 hours, the change is observed. The high-quality products are not etched by daily chemicals and vinegar, but the inferior products can not be used;

Third, the color is under the sufficient light, with the naked eye, the quality products are crystal, pure and delicate. The inferior products are mixed with calcium carbonate (some contain heavy metals), which leads to dull, not delicate, and the brightness is not good. Hairpin

Fourth, the dirt resistance check whether the countertop can wash away the stains of lipstick, ketchup and soy sauce, the quality products are easy to remove, and the inferior products are easy to infiltrate and difficult to remove.

I believe that as long as you purchase the quartz stone products through the above methods, you can pick the most suitable one.