Cabinet countertop quartz stone, how should we choose?

- Nov 03, 2018-

Cabinet countertop quartz stone, how should we choose?

Quartz stone is the most popular countertop plate in the past 8 years. Today ABCquartz simply tells everyone how to buy quartz stone.

 In fact, there are many articles on the Internet that distinguish between good and bad. Dongyang Sheng will also refer to a lot of information in this area. According to the experience of professional quartz stone for many years, I will tell you after integration.

First of all, we still have to sort out our own needs. In the end, I need a countertop with a lot of materials, such as acrylic, natural stone, quartz stone, stainless steel and other kinds of stone materials. Acrylic is the basic material used to make dentures. It has good hardness. However, it is also on the Mohs 5 level. It is not quartz stone. The quartz stone hardness is Mohs 7, so don't use your dentures to bite quartz stone countertops. Will make your mouth comminuted fracture. Therefore, the acrylic surface of the countertop is not considered at home, and then cheap, good-looking, you are careful.

Natural stone, if it is not a flaw and has a natural stone plot, don't touch it. Radiation is completely unnecessary. It is almost the same as the chance of winning a billion-dollar award. You should not expect to be exposed to radiation damage in your life. Stone. The key is that the natural stone has a gap, the oil and salt sauce vinegar goes up, it will not be how long it will seep, of course, closure, grinding is the treatment method, but for a long time, as usual!

Stainless steel, if you really love stainless steel, it can be used, and it is also very good-looking, one-piece molding, the overall countertop is not inconsistent.

I don’t know much about the new material of stone-like materials. I can’t give advice. However, new things, instinctively, are still cautious in the elements of health and family that are absolutely safe, body and home. They are not used for experimentation, but for reference only, in case new materials can make you want to die?

The rest, or only quartz stone, so quartz stone, has become the top choice for 80% home countertops, wear-resistant, anti-fouling, corrosion-resistant, environmentally friendly, fire-resistant and other excellent quality, which is not the case for your campfire kitchen What is the essential power?

 There are a few tips to share:

1, wear-resistant, core functions, after all, for a few years, even for decades, slash-and-burn fire on the top toss, not wear-resistant, not as good as a whole piece of wood. The test method is to take the key, take the knife, take out the strength of your breastfeeding, think about the people you want to kill in your life, and work hard! Of course, the end result is that even if your tools are abolished, you can't do it. Good quartz stone is still arrogant, and there is no loss in silk.

2, anti-fouling, core function, this home oil salt sauce vinegar is both corrosive and penetrating things (thinking very fear, we eat every day, will it eat more?), Take a sample with the merchant, take it back, do a test, get a few big squats on it, look at it for two days, will it not be cleaned, if it is clean as fresh, you can tell the merchant, say, want Now! I must remember that you told him to send it to your home with this as a standard. If the test is not closed, it is also based on this and must be enchanted.

3, environmental protection will not say, on the 600 meters, basically no problem (recommended to choose 800 or more, the brand will be more than 1000, the import will be 2000), after all, the chemical composition of quartz is dioxide Silicon is one of the most non-toxic and tasteless things in nature, so don't worry, as long as you don't buy fake quartz stone, you can basically rest assured that it is more environmentally friendly than the apple you eat.

4, fire-resistant, take the sample, burn with a lighter for a dozen seconds, the silk does not move, clean as new is a good thing.

Finally, let's talk about the value of the face. In fact, there are large particles and small particles. I like big particles because I like big ones. Of course, this big particle is not necessarily quartz stone. It is made of glass material. The real quartz stone is actually delicate. Many times, the cabinets are also quite pitted, which will mislead you into thinking that the graininess is strong, and the number is good. Because there are many quartz stones, they are big and beautiful. what!

There are also quartz slab, choose thick, choose 15mm, do not choose 12mm, after all, we have to use it for so long, still thick, thick and thick!

 The above is the content of ABCquartz, I hope to help you, and give you a suggestion. When you choose a business, you are more willing to help you, and you can patiently explain your professional knowledge. You can focus on it. Those who come with a strong sales feature. Merchants, carefully selected.