in addition to the countertops, quartz stone has these uses

- Sep 26, 2018-

In addition to the countertops, quartz stone has these uses! !

In recent years, quartz stone, a new decoration material, has rapidly emerged as a sparkling star. It has been widely used in home decoration and has been recognized and accepted by more and more consumers. It has gradually become the mainstream cabinet countertop on the market. material.

Quartz stone cabinet countertop application

But in fact, quartz stone is not only used in the countertops. After all, its advantages such as high hardness, scratch resistance, low permeability and easy care can be applied to other places.


Bathroom quartz stone countertop

Quartz stone bathroom countertops

Bathroom countertops usually contain cosmetics, toothpaste, shower gel and other chemicals containing chemicals. Quartz stone is different from traditional marble, and it is basically infiltrated. It is very convenient to clean.


Quartz stone bay window

Nowadays, many new houses will have a bay window design. The advantage of using quartz stone in the bay window is that it is not afraid of tides, deformation, and maintenance. However, the texture is cold, and it is very cool in summer. It needs to be added in winter.




Quartz stone coffee table


Quartz stone door post

Quartz stone, from the rich color, texture comfort, safety and environmental protection, to anti-fouling, moisture-proof and antibacterial properties, it has excellent performance in all aspects, and it is not only suitable for cabinet countertops, but also for coffee table and door cover. Bay window and so on can also be competent.

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