Eight locations and causes of cracking of quartz stone

- Jan 10, 2019-

Many consumers have been blinded by the price of quartz stone countertops, thinking that the quality of quartz stone has little to do with price. Just think that it can be used.

In fact, a penny of goods, high-end and low-grade inferior quality is very different. Therefore, when consumers buy quartz stone countertops, it is recommended that you use high-grade, large-scale quartz stone manufacturers to produce products.

The quality of quartz stone itself is on the one hand. In the process of processing and installation, if there is a situation in which the work is cut and the process is not strict, the cracking may occur in the later stage. For example, the following:

First, the table joint seam cracking: the main installation workers in the seam, the seam is not aligned, open into the bell mouth above the small small, the glue is not evenly coated, more important is not glued with F clamp, or Adding solidification or increasing the excessive amount of the glue to make the seam more brittle and slightly cracked during use;

2. Cracking at the corner: the wall is too tight and there is no shrinkage joint, the height of the two cabinets is uneven or not flat, and the front corner is opened at right angles to form internal stress concentration, which is cracked due to uneven impact of external force or temperature change.

3. Cracking around the upper basin: no gap is left between the upper basin and the basin, the basin is not polished smooth, the four corners of the basin are not rounded or serrated, and the surface is unevenly cracked by external force or temperature change;

4. Cracking around the furnace hole: no gap is left between the gas stove and the furnace hole, the furnace hole is not polished smooth, the four corners of the basin hole are not rounded or left with a serrated print, and the surface is not uniformly cracked by external force impact or temperature change;

5. The upper basin and the front of the furnace hole are cracked: the counter basin cabinet or the stove is placed flat, and when the upper basin and the front of the furnace hole are subjected to gravity (person stepping, stepping, etc.), the above counter basin and furnace are caused. The front skirt of the hole is cracked;

Sixth, the rear water block crack: the cabinet is not flat or the pad is not flat;

7. Cracking at the back of the water-blocking joint: the glue is not firmly bonded;

8. Cracking of the center of the countertop: etc.: subject to high temperature, impact by external force, uneven cabinet or pad, internal damage of the plate; therefore, the main factor causing the crack of the countertop is caused by the poor quality control of the countertop during the processing.