Four strokes teach you to distinguish between quartz stone and good or bad

- Nov 15, 2018-

Four strokes teach you to distinguish between quartz stone and good or bad! !

Quartz stone has excellent scratch and stain resistance

Scratch, no penetration, stain resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, green environmental protection

Direct contact with food;

It is the preferred material for the countertops on the market.

But do you know how to distinguish the quality of quartz stone? ! ......

First, look at the eyes

1. The back of the regular quartz stone will have the name or code of the stone company.

2, the back should also have lines, because the hardness of quartz stone is very hard, so there should be cutting lines.

Second, soak with strong acid

1. Inferior quartz stone will appear bubbles around it after soaking with strong acid.

2, and the quality of quartz stone, soaked with strong acid will not bubble.

Third, use a knife to scrape

1. After the inferior quartz stone is scraped with a knife, powder will appear.

2, the high-quality quartz stone Mohs hardness of more than 6 degrees, there will be no powder after scraping, and there will be a knife metal color left on the quartz stone.

Fourth, use fire to burn

1. After burning for a while, add some detergent and water and then scrub. After the high quality quartz stone is burned, it can be wiped clean. On the contrary, inferior quartz stones will leave a black mark.


When you buy quartz stone, you can bring some small tools, such as lighters, knives, etc., and then conduct field tests.

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