How to clean the dust generated in the installation of quartz stone countertops

- Oct 26, 2018-

How to clean the dust generated in the installation of quartz stone countertops

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For quartz stone countertops, everyone should be familiar with it. It is a cabinet countertop made of quartz stone plate, called quartz stone countertop. Our common quartz stone countertops include cabinet countertops, laboratory countertops, window sills and sinks, because quartz stone is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, high-temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, impervious, non-toxic, non-radiative and zero-formaldehyde, and can be used for food-grade environmental protection. Quartz stone is favored by countertops, such as countertops.

Quartz stone products reach the end customer, and also need intermediate processing of finished products. Quartz stone manufacturers only produce quartz stone plates, not countertop products. Countertop processing is divided into in-plant processing and on-site processing, and our biggest headache is on-site processing. According to the customer's requirements, the mesa opening needs to be done on site using a hand-held cutting machine. In this process, a large amount of dust is generated, which brings great trouble to our later cleaning.

Let us first look at the damage that dust will bring to us, short-term exposure to dust, skin, cornea, mucous membranes, etc., which are locally stimulated and then develop lesions, forming folliculitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, trachea and bronchitis, atrophic rhinitis, etc. Direct damage to the body parts. How to reduce and clean dust? First of all, protective measures should be taken before cutting, and cover them as much as possible, such as hoods and wall cabinets. To clean the dust, use a watering can to spray it and wipe it with wet water after using the rag.