How to buy power socket

- Jul 12, 2019-

1. Look at the brand

The quality difference between products is huge. Because many ordinary consumers do not have the means to identify the advantages and disadvantages of products, and the limited understanding of the switch socket brand, it brings some living space to some unscrupulous businessmen, and some counterfeit and shoddy products flow into the market. Of course, many large companies pay great attention to their brand image, have higher requirements for product quality, and relatively good after-sales service. Quality assurance usually lasts for no less than 12 years. Therefore, in order to be safe, the switch socket is best to choose a big company or a brand with good reputation.

2. Check the appearance

The panel should be uniform in color, smooth in surface, free from dents, mottling, no bubbles, stains, cracks, swelling, lack of glue, deformation, scratches, shrinkage and other defects. Metal parts are free from burrs, cracks, corrosion marks, rust and screw head damage.

3. 掂 weight

When you buy a switch socket, you should also measure the amount. If the merchant chooses a thin piece of copper, it will feel lighter. The copper and terminal blocks used for good switch sockets are usually thicker and relatively heavy. Copper is the key part of the switch socket and is the key part to identify counterfeit and inferior products. Consumers should also pay attention to the purchase: some bad manufacturers will add iron plates to the product to increase the weight, we must see when buying.

4. Identify the place

Different places should be matched with different types of switches and sockets. There are often water and fumes in the kitchen and bathroom. It is best to install splash-proof boxes or plastic baffles on the socket panel to prevent short circuits caused by oil and water vapor intrusion. In families with children, in order to prevent children from touching with fingers or using metal objects to sew holes, parents should use a safety socket with an insurance cover.

In addition, when installing a three-hole socket, the ground wire must not be used in the same way, and the ground wire should not be directly connected to the gas pipe. These practices are quite dangerous. The ground wire is connected to the electrical enclosure. Once the appliance leaks, it can cause people to get an electric shock.