How to distinguish between quartz stone countertops in cabinets

- Dec 18, 2018-

First, the code behind the sheet

Each artificial stone manufacturer has its own barcode. Each artificial stone plate has a computer code behind it. It is automatically printed by the computer at the factory. Now I have not heard of any manufacturer who dared to spray it on other manufacturers. No. (Coloring is not illegal to spray other people's trademarks, etc. It is illegal) So it is the most direct method to look at the underside of the countertop.

Second, dilute hydrochloric acid test method

This method is suitable for distinguishing whether artificial stone contains calcium powder. Because the artificial cost of calcium powder artificial stone is extremely low, the selling price is not low. Many profiteers are very willing to use calcium powder countertops to act as pure aluminum powder or even acrylic countertops.

Chemically, calcium powder (that is, the chemical composition of lime powder is calcium carbonate) will produce bubbles when it meets acidic substances, so if you use acidic liquid on the countertop, you will know if your home is inferior or not. If there is no reaction on the above, it does not contain calcium powder, and dilute hydrochloric acid is poured up to immediately produce a large number of bubbles indicating calcium-containing powder. Or household toilet cleaners can also be used without affecting the performance of the countertops after trial use.

Third, the soy sauce test method

Due to the material of the calcium powder artificial stone plate, the plate can not be completely dense and non-porous, so when the soy sauce and the like are left on it for a long time, it will leave a mark inside the plate, how can it not be smashed, acrylic artificial Because the plate does not contain stone powder, the whole is dense and non-porous, soy sauce can not penetrate, even if it is over 24 hours or more, the surface is completely traced with water.

Fourth, the combustion method

It is also related to the material of the plate, because the good artificial stone plate contains aluminum hydroxide (also a kind of flame retardant material), and the artificial stone slice cut into a thickness of about 5 PCT is ignited with a lighter, and the acrylic artificial stone will be It is automatically extinguished, and the artificial stone containing calcium powder does not automatically extinguish.

Fifth, weighing method

In the artificial stone material, the calcium powder is the heaviest and the acrylic is the lightest. Therefore, the artificial stone countertop of the same size, the better the artificial stone is actually lighter, and the calcium powder artificial stone is very heavy and hard, but it is very easy to break.

Sixth, the thickness

The national standard for artificial stone plates is 12% thick. According to our understanding, at present, there is no plate manufacturer in China that has a thickness of more than 11% for the artificial powder of calcium powder, and the general thickness is between 10% and 11%, which saves almost 10%. The cost of raw materials around % can be specifically determined by the thickness of the platen. If the thickness of the plate itself is not 11.5%, it is definitely a poor quality calcium powder artificial stone (note that the thickness of the plate is not the thickness of the front of the cabinet, the thickness of the plate can be used Hole cut material measurement)

 Seventh: look and touch

The artificial stone countertop without calcium powder has good permeability, the visual color is very natural, and the surface of the hand touch is very delicate; the surface quality of the inferior artificial stone countertop is unnatural, the material particles are large, and the hand touch has a rough feeling.

Eighth, key and other hard objects scraping quartz stone

The main component is quartz sand quartz sand, which is silica. In nature, the hardness is basically second only to diamond. If it is really good quartz stone, it will be less obvious after scraping with a key. Quartz stone countertops containing inferior materials such as calcium powder will be scratched with a key and have a white powder.

Therefore, we are the best in terms of choice. If you cook regularly, it is best to choose a quartz stone countertop. In terms of price, quartz stone is also much cheaper than marble, and it is a very good choice.