A simple way to identify the quality of quartz stone

- Aug 28, 2018-

A simple way to identify the quality of quartz stone

First, look at the hardness of quartz stone:

The most intuitive response to the quality of quartz stone is hardness. So when you go to see it, take a steel cutter or screwdriver, and use force on the front and back of the sample. If there is no scratch on the quartz stone countertop. Only the metallic color (which can still be lubricated by hand) is left, and the quality is passed.

Second, breath:

Good quartz stone is an environmentally friendly product that smells like a natural stone. Inferior quartz stone consumption process participated in the formaldehyde-containing glue, the plate has a strong formaldehyde smell, this quartz stone price can not be selected cheap, endangering life!

Third, look at the color of quartz stone:

Whether the color and the particles are uniform, especially the two-color plate, the average color and particle size, is considered to be the finest quartz stone.

Fourth, look at the pores of quartz stone:

Whether there is a stomata on the outside or a bad quartz stone in the stomata, this stomata is large and small, and can be seen with great seriousness. If it is small, it should be seen by professionals.

Fifth, wear resistance:

Grinding sandpaper below 200 mesh, it is easy to drop stone powder as quartz stone of poor quality.

 Six. Gap: Whether the seam of the countertop is obvious, the product that is not obvious is a good product, and the precision of the high-grade love surface processing is also a method to balance the qualification of the finished quartz stone countertop.

 Seven, processed countertops:

Whether the processed surface of the finished product and the lower edge of the cutting surface are very good, and those who have cut and cracked are unqualified.