In the future, artificial stone and quartz stone will continue to lead the table

- Oct 23, 2018-

In the future, artificial stone and quartz stone will continue to lead the table.


In addition to the substrate, etc., the cabinet will also involve the countertop. At present, the mainstream materials of the countertops are artificial stone and quartz stone, and some special materials such as stainless steel, natural Dali, etc., are relatively rare. Because the artificial stone is not radioactive and environmentally friendly from the environmental protection level, most of the current cabinets use quartz stone and artificial stone as countertop materials.

Quartz stone, also called artificial quartz stone, is composed of more than 93% natural quartz and about 7% colorant, resin and other additives to adjust adhesion and curing. After vacuum vacuum, high frequency vibration molding, heating and curing Made of stone panels. Quartz stone has a very high hardness, a melting point of 3000 degrees Celsius, high temperature resistance, and a hardness of more than 6 degrees Mohs. The color texture of the surface is dominated by particle points, and the color is divided into single color, two-color and multi-color particles. Because of the original material and processing difficulty of quartz stone, the price of quartz stone is higher than that of artificial stone, and it is also the most expensive material for countertops.

Artificial stone can be divided into polyester board and composite acrylic type. The main raw materials of polyester board are unsaturated polyester resin, aluminum hydroxide, calcium carbonate and natural raw materials. The color is soft and beautiful, the gloss is high, the strength and hardness are sufficient, and the table tops of various specifications and shapes can be cut and processed. Moreover, it can be seamlessly spliced, smooth and smooth surface, solid from bottom to surface, no hair pores, no dirt, no bacteria, no toxicity, no radiation, easy to clean. Polyester board artificial stone (unsaturated resin + filler) is a commonly used artificial stone. The composite acrylic material is a composite polymer product. In addition to all the characteristics of the polyester board artificial stone, the texture is more delicate, and the anti-aging property, hardness, brightness and bending deformation resistance are superior. The advantage is that it is easy to shape, the connection is seamless, and it is easy to be polished and polished. The disadvantage is that the surface is easy to wear, easy to bleed and easy to crack. However, the hardness of artificial stone is not as good as that of quartz stone, and the melting point should not exceed 200 degrees Celsius, so care should be taken, and it is relatively easy to be infiltrated by oil stains and stains.