Small tricks for the maintenance of quartz stone countertops in the kitchen

- Aug 30, 2018-

Small tricks for the maintenance of quartz stone countertops in the kitchen

The kitchen is the "heart" of a family. Whether your kitchen is clean or not directly affects your mood for cooking. If you cook with a good mood, the food you make will become extraordinarily sweet.

Whether the kitchen is clean or not is largely due to the countertops. A clean and well-kept countertop can add a lot to the kitchen. If you want to have a good mood at all times and make delicious meals every day, you not only need a good countertop, but also need to know how to maintain and maintain it, so that the countertop is in a healthy state at any time!

Quartz stone countertop use precautions

In daily use, the use of insulation pads, insulated tripods can better protect the surface of the countertop.

Do not leave the high temperature container, hot pot directly or permanently on the table, especially at the edge, which can easily lead to cracks, cracks, or even breaks (hot pots, hot pots directly removed from the cooktop, steamer, oven, microwave oven) Or other over-temperature vessels will cause damage to the countertop).

In daily use, if there is water stain on the countertop, it should be wiped off with a rag in time, and the countertop should be kept as dry as possible.

Do not let the table top soak or accumulate water for a long time (especially the edge of the sink). Any table top will have a certain water absorption rate. If it is soaked or accumulated for a long time, it will easily cause cracks and breaks in the table top.

Avoid scratching from external forces. For example, do not directly lick the meat on the countertop. If you need to lick the meat, you can pad a thick layer of cloth and then put the cutting board. The cleaning table can't be wiped with a wire ball or a mechanical impact such as a knife or a drill. Directly stepping on the quartz stone countertop (because the kitchen countertop is processed through the opening, it is easy to cause damage to the countertop by stepping on it).

Avoid corrosive chemicals from contacting the countertop. Cleaners containing bleach, etchant, rosin oil, high alkaline, xylene, toluene, potassium hydroxide, caustic soda, methylene chloride, trichloroethane, etc., do not clean quartz stone countertops. Example: faded wet rags, etc. (inferior dyes contain acid/basic dyes)