Net transmission: Quartz stone has only five or six years of service life. Is it true or false?

- Jan 14, 2019-

Among the many decorative stone materials, due to the high price of quartz stone, it was only used in the place where the hardness of the countertop is relatively high and in the high-end decoration, and it became the exclusive owner of “rich people”. With the continuous improvement of the production technology of quartz stone and the production capacity of quartz stone manufacturers, the use of quartz stone has also become popular, and quartz stone has gradually entered the decoration of ordinary people's homes.

Quartz stone is no longer exclusive to the countertop. It has been used more for the production of floors, walls and door covers, and is still the first in the use of countertops and window sills.

Why can quartz stone be the first choice for countertop materials?

Because the surface of quartz stone is smooth, smooth and scratch-free, dense and non-porous, colorful and colorful, the structure is anti-corrosion and anti-fouling like glass, and the finished shape is as perfect as artificial stone.

The advantages of quartz stone compared with other materials are: wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, penetration resistance, no color difference, and the like.

How long is the life of the quartz stone countertop?

We also said that the real quartz stone before, if it is not artificially damaged, it can be said to be infinite. Because the quartz stone plate can be re-polished and polished, the quartz stone is perfectly polished as before. Then why do you need to replace the new countertop in five or six years?

With the continuous improvement of product performance and quartz stone countertop style, the previous style may not be in line with people's progressive aesthetics. The research and development of each product is for the market demand in the next few years. Compared with the original products, the product performance has been improved and the quality has been improved accordingly. It adapts to the pace of development of the times and is also conducive to meeting the growing material and cultural needs of consumers.