Precautions for maintenance of quartz stone countertops after the holiday

- Feb 19, 2019-

Today is China’s Lantern Festival. After today, it is said that China’s year has passed.

During the Spring Festival holiday, the kitchen is used the most frequently, and the most frequently used place in the kitchen is the quartz stone countertop. The long-term use will bring a little damage to the quartz stone, which also brings certain cleaning and maintenance after the holiday. trouble. Quartz stone is an artificial stone product. In a certain sense, some household cleaning tools will have certain damage. The following small series will explain to you the misunderstanding of quartz stone cleaning and maintenance!

For kitchen cleaning, the most headaches are soot and water stains. For quartz stone countertops, the cleaning is the simplest. It can be adapted to water and rags. After cleaning, use a dry towel to dry. Do not use a wire ball or a shovel to scratch during cleaning. Scratching back and forth can cause scratches. In case of stubborn stains, use soapy water or neutral detergent, disable strong detergent, metal cleaner, stove cleaner, and do not touch methylene chloride, acetone, strong acid cleaner.

Precautions and maintenance during use, do not place high-temperature objects on the table directly or permanently, or directly from the cooktop or oven, microwave oven, hot pot, and other overheated appliances, etc. It will cause damage to the surface of the quartz stone. A heat insulation mat should be placed on the table. Do not hit the countertop strongly, cut, cut, and smash directly on the countertop. Although the quartz countertop is solid and durable, it will leave unsightly scratches. Wash with water in time to avoid leaving stains. Regular waxing, stone or cabinet stores can buy stone special wax, you can also use car wax or floor wax. It is best to wax once in March, and the stitching seam or key position can be played once a month.