Quartz stone can still be used in the bathroom!

- Feb 25, 2019-

In the early spring and early spring, the heart will always be full of thoughts. We will also inspire more in the decoration. For example, you will find that the original quartz stone can be used in the bathroom decoration, and it is used in this way. nice!

The bathroom is a relatively private space for the home, but it is also the space that is most intimate with us. In order to make the bathroom space look brighter and more spacious, it is best to choose the light-tone quartz stone as the main material, especially the white can reflect the sun well. Light and interior lighting make the space look wider and brighter, and dry, soft and clean.

A full face of the white slab of the fish belly gives the impression that it is clean and neat, without a trace of redundancy. The whitewashed washbasin and the mirror are more in line with the aesthetic requirements of the contemporary minimalist style, creating a personality show in a limited space, and life will have more unexpected fun.

Bathroom fish belly white renderings

 Sometimes the simplicity of design is good-looking but not necessarily the most practical. We can't go too far in design and ignore practicality. In short, the bathroom space should be in cool colors, with milky white or light yellow. At the same time, it can also be combined with simple warm colors, such as milky white and ivory yellow, which can give a soft, romantic feeling, and can broaden people's horizons.

Bathroom quartz stone application