Quartz stone countertop fracture reasons, some unexpected to your expectations

- Nov 19, 2018-

Quartz stone countertop fracture reasons, some unexpected to your expectations

At present, the most widely used cabinet countertop material on the market is quartz stone. It is famous for its wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and high density. It is popular among consumers, but how many materials with such advantages and advantages will appear again. What about the break? Some breaks may even be unexpected!

Quartz stone material belongs to brittle polymer composite artificial stone plate, which has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction. At the same time, it also has certain stress standards. Although it is given a hard and firm reputation, it is not invincible. When there is high temperature foreign matter stimulation and exceeds its tolerance standard, it will be difficult to avoid cracks. Therefore, even if the heat resistance is very high, the quartz stone countertop should be avoided. contact. Of course, the external external shock is also the most fundamental cause of its fracture, but beyond these reasons, you can not ignore the details that may cause it to break.

1. Cracks appear at the seams

If cracks occur at this location, there may be operational problems during the installation of the countertop. The installer may apply glue to the joints of the two faces, so that the surface of the table is not evenly stressed, or the glue applied to the joints is not evenly coated, or even the excess amount of curing agent added in the applied glue will be The seam becomes brittle and the intolerance occurs.

2, the crack appears in the back water level

If there is a crack in the back water stop position of the countertop, the user should check whether the mat gasket is properly installed and the glue is in place. Otherwise, the bearing capacity of the countertop will be greatly reduced and the chance of cracking will increase.

3, cracks appear in the sink, around the stove

In the cracks around the water tank and the stove, in addition to the unsmoothed edges of the water tank and the cook hole, the installation does not leave sufficient clearance for the water tank, the stove and the table. Once affected by the external temperature difference, the table surface shrinks unevenly. The resulting break is also possible.

4, the crack appears in the middle of the countertop

If there is a crack in the middle of the countertop, it is the user's daily operation is more careless. The behavior of some high-temperature pots placed directly on the countertop is to greatly reduce the service life of the countertop, and it is not excluded that there is a problem with the cabinet carrying the cracked countertop. And other reasons.