Quartz stone countertop processing guidelines

- Oct 22, 2018-

Quartz stone countertop processing guidelines

There is a saying in the quartz stone industry: three-point materials, seven-point processing.

Xiaobian tells everyone about the items that must be paid attention to during the processing and installation of quartz stone countertops.

Quartz stone countertop processing guidelines

a. Accurate measurement to ensure that it is correct;

b. Use suitable sites, suitable tools, scientific methods for cold water cutting, splicing, grooving, installation, polishing and other processing procedures to ensure processing rigor;

c. Completely communicate the basic knowledge of tabletop cleaning and maintenance to the user.


Quartz stone joint

In order to avoid cracking of the board and to obtain the best processing results, the choice of the connection part must consider the following factors:

● The connection port should avoid the position of the stove or basin. It should not be docked at 45o at the corner. It should not be docked at the hole of the basin (distance not less than 80mm).

● The position of the basin is generally centered on the length of the cabinet of the cabinet; the position of the stove is generally taken by the hood.

Note: If the connection position must be selected in the position of the stove or basin, a slotted connection must be used. When connecting the plates, the groove should be grooved in the middle of the joint end face, so that the adhesive can completely penetrate into the groove to avoid displacement of the plate.



●In the L-shaped and U-shaped cabinets, the table top should be made up of two or more plates, and the splicing position is selected in the corner.

● It is not possible to use the fabricated integral solid plate because the L-shaped solid plate is easily broken under thermal expansion and contraction or mechanical stress.


Opening, trenching

● Openings should be selected according to the measurement drawings to open holes in the factory to reduce the opening of the site; select the rounded holes to have the lowest cracking rate.

● If the distance between the grooved part and the table joint is less than 150mm, the area needs to be reinforced with wooden strips or artificial stone strips.

● It is forbidden to cut the inner corner into a right angle by cross cutting. When cutting, please use the cold water tool to avoid cracks.

● There should be a gap of 3-5MM around the hole of the pothole to avoid cracking due to the small hole being squeezed, and at the same time, it is necessary to expand the processing needs later.


End face polishing

●The grinding and polishing of the table top splicing place must be the same color as other parts, and the uniform level of polishing treatment should be carried out;

● Always use a cold water tool when polishing to prevent the plate from breaking due to heat. It is strictly forbidden to manually polish the surface of the quartz stone.



● The floor cabinet must be level, the upper and lower errors are less than 1.5MM, and the full pad must be cushioned to ensure the same level and no deformation.

● There should be no overhead between the countertop and the cabinet. If there is no cabinet, it must be supported in the overhead;

●The overall cabinet level requirement: the absolute value of two adjacent points is ≤0.5mm, and the overall absolute value is ≤3 mm.