Quartz stone countertops will also fade, how to prevent it?

- Jul 26, 2019-

Quartz stone is favored by many owners because of its very hard, waterproof and wear-resistant factors. However, in the daily use process, it will inevitably encounter some problems. The quartz stone countertop will not be repaired seamlessly like artificial stone or acrylic because of the hard texture. Recently, many readers have sent a message to Xiaobian asking if quartz stone will fade. The following small series will explain for everyone!

For the fading and bleeding of quartz stone plates, we must distinguish them. Fading means that under certain conditions, the color gradually fades with time. The darker the color, the more obvious the fading, but the fading of good quartz stone is uniform, meager, and almost invisible to the naked eye. Bleeding means that the outside color penetrates into the board, but the qualified quartz stone will not bleed! The surface of the quartz stone plate is smooth and polished by 36 high-speed water mills. There is no capillary on the surface, so if the bleed color indicates that the quartz stone you bought is unqualified.

How to prevent the fading of quartz stone plates? The table top should be kept clean and cleaned after use. Use water and a rag. If necessary, wash with neutral detergent. After washing, dry with a dry rag. Regular waxing, floor wax and car wax can be used. The surface can be sprayed with a brightening agent. After spraying, the surface is bright as new to effectively prevent the fading speed.