Quartz stone current application range and development direction

- Dec 11, 2018-

At present, quartz stone plates are mainly used in cabinet countertops, sinks, bar counters, coffee tables, floors and interior walls. It can completely replace natural stone, high-grade ceramics, wood and metal decorative materials. At the same time, quartz stone applications are constantly changing, the application share of cabinet countertops is large, and the proportion of ground applications is also increasing. Due to the very high hardness of quartz stone, reaching 5-7 degrees Mohs, this brings certain difficulties to the processing technology of quartz stone. The consumption of the whole cabinets is increasingly personalized, which requires very high cabinet design, which increases the difficulty of processing and manufacturing for processing technicians. The high hardness of quartz stone has higher requirements for the grinding and splicing of quartz stone.

The base of the quartz stone countertop is made of cullet and quartz sand. The advantage of quartz stone is that it is not afraid of scratching, and it has good high temperature resistance. It can be used for large-area paving walls and various kitchen and countertops for durability. Quartz stone is a new type of green stone that is artificially synthesized from more than 93% quartz crystal plus resin and other additives.

Because quartz stone plate is a brand-new decorative surface material made of quartz crystal ore as raw material, it is a combination of natural beauty and technical application. The quartz crystal mine itself has the natural characteristics of crystal clear, clear, beautiful color, luxurious, high hardness, no deformation, no discoloration, no radioactivity, acid and alkali resistance, so it is called "jasmine". Quartz stone made of this material has many advantages of natural stone and artificial stone. It has been widely adopted and used by customers in Europe, America, Australia, Middle East and other countries and regions, and has been sold to Italy, the United States, Spain, Turkey, Portugal and other European and American countries. Quartz stone sales prices are also acceptable to the general public.

High-quality green quartz stone material, its soft and elegant color, good quality and low price, is the best choice for home and public decoration, for kitchen countertops, dining tables, sinks, window sills, bar counters, indoor walls, floors, etc. It is suitable for a wide range of requirements in different fields such as apartments, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, subway stations, airports, hospitals, and libraries.