Quartz stone, the world that takes you into the wall

- Jul 19, 2019-

Background wall

Background wall, foreign name Background wall, is a family decoration art decorated in the family living room TV, sofa, entrance, bedroom wall, etc., with various styles, with its novel ideas and advanced craftsmanship, not only meets the consumer decoration and decoration. Need, more reflects the temperament of art, making it a perfect combination of business and art, the choice of room color should be based on the principle of the owner's psychological feelings.

The background wall has the functions of sound absorption, sound insulation and absorbing, and can also be applied to the decoration of entertainment venues such as hotels, restaurants, KTVs, nightclubs, etc. It can also be applied to performing arts halls, cinemas, opera houses, audio-visual rooms, studios, recording studios, etc. Sound-absorbing sound insulation requires professional wall decoration.

-1. Soft bag -

      Soft packs should be familiar to owners because many owners prefer soft beds with soft packs. Now, the soft pack is also being used for the production of TV background walls. The texture of the soft-pack TV background wall is usually leather. The soft bag is divided into diamond-shaped blocks with different styles of decorative buckles. If the furniture is properly matched, the whole room will look very elegant.

Advantages: The soft-pack TV background wall will definitely make your home like an elegant piece of art, especially the decorative buckle on the soft bag, like a star-shaped star.

 Disadvantages: Although the soft-pack TV background wall is elegant, the requirements for decoration style and furniture are relatively high, and it is also relatively easy to be outdated. If the color of the soft bag is light, it should be taken care of frequently, otherwise the texture of the leather will gradually darken after a long time.

-2. Wallpapers -

Wallpaper is a decorative material popular in recent years. In addition to the indoor wallpaper, the main role of wallpaper is also used as a TV background wall. Using a wallpaper to make a TV wall usually has to match the shape, not too complicated, as long as you can highlight the wallpaper. The color of the wallpaper used as the TV background wall usually needs to be separated from the surrounding colors. The color of the wallpaper is dark and light according to different floors.

Advantages: The color and color of the wallpaper are more, and the texture of the wallpaper is various. Currently, there are PVC plastic wallpapers, resin wallpapers, non-woven wallpapers, and pure paper wallpapers. In addition, the price of wallpaper varies from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan or even thousands of yuan, and the range of choice of owners is relatively wide.

 Disadvantages: Wallpapers need to be glued with special glue. If the quality of the glue is not enough, it will cause pollution. And the choice of wallpaper should be cautious, don't choose too many wallpapers, especially the wallpapers with big taste, because such wallpapers will also be polluted.

-3. Tiles -

At present, the market has begun to popularize a kind of imitation stone tile, which is not used for paving the floor, but for the TV background wall. The use of ceramic tiles as a TV background wall has been popular since last year. Generally, tiles and colored glass will be matched. This effect will be better and it will not look too awkward.

Advantages: Using a stone-like tile as a TV background wall can enhance the quality of the entire decoration, making the entire TV wall look brighter and easier to match with furniture. In addition, the imitation stone tile itself has a variety of lines, and it is like a piece of ink painting on the wall, which is very beautiful. Of course, good care is the key.

 Disadvantages: The use of imitation stone tiles to make TV background wall has higher requirements on tiles. Tiles need to use ceramic tiles with good glaze, high brightness and light color to achieve good results. If the tiles are not bright enough, it will be counterproductive and make the home feel very cold.

-4. Quartz stone -

With the improvement of people's living standards, family decoration has been paid more and more attention by people, and the quartz stone wall has gradually entered people's sight. Quartz itself is a highly personalized stone, which is non-toxic, non-radiative and easy to clean. Whether it is used to do functional countertops or decorative beautification, there is no doubt that it will bring you unexpected surprises and beauty.

Advantages: Quartz stone, generally speaking, quartz stone is a new type of stone synthesized by more than 90% quartz crystal plus resin and other trace elements. It is a large-size plate that is pressed by a special machine under certain physical and chemical conditions. Its main material is quartz. Quartz is a mineral that easily becomes liquid when heated or pressurized.

      It is understood that 94% quartz stone made of natural quartz is completely flame retardant and will not cause burning due to contact with high temperature; not only that, quartz stone has high wear resistance, is not afraid of scratching, never deforms; high elasticity, will not be easy The ground is broken, and it is not penetrated by liquid substances, which causes problems such as yellowing and discoloration. Daily cleaning can be done simply by rinsing with water, which is simple and easy.

        Therefore, the use of quartz stone as the background wall does not need to worry about whether it is toxic or radiation, and it does not need to worry about cleaning. It is also very effective in antibacterial properties. The quartz stone countertop has a dense and non-porous structure, so that tiny bacteria have nowhere to hide. Don't worry if it will be old for a long time, quartz stone is always new. The most important thing is that the characteristics of quartz stone can not create a safe home life, therefore, you can boldly use quartz stone as home improvement materials.

       Quartz stone gives a very textured stone, which is very beautiful for the background wall. It is the material of choice for the background wall.

 Disadvantages: Quartz stone has few shortcomings, but because of its extremely high hardness, the most obvious shortcoming is that it is not easy to shape and the price is high. Because of its excellent materials and complicated production process, quartz stone is expensive, and is basically used in villas, hotels, High-level venues such as clubs.

Quartz stone background wall is complex but high in value

Design concept selection is a challenge

A good quartz stone wall is a piece of art.

With the light can create a beautiful effect

Xiao Bian believes that if the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to use quartz stone wall. If the budget is very small, use other materials, but no matter what material is used as the background wall, for the health of your family, please choose the big brand and have the test certification. product.