The development course of quartz stone technology

- Jul 04, 2018-

Quartz stone is invented by the Italian hundred Litong Company, first of all, from the beginning of the shortage, the development of the current third-generation sheet production lines. Hundred Tong Li Quartz stone production equipment, a production line investment of 170 million yuan. It is understood that the world has 14 production plants, the use of all hundred litong equipment.

  After three years of investment in South Korea and China, which is planned for the second production line this year, Hanwha for the market to consider the signing of an additional agreement with the company--2010 years ago, when the equipment was not allowed to sell to China. According to this situation, in China to produce quartz stone can only be developed independently. Through the Beveron of all my colleagues for three years, day and night efforts, to today we have fully mastered the core production of quartz stone technology, technical level has been close to the hundred, in the short term no one can compete. Only at the level of automation and the company still has a certain gap, but also need to be constantly improved. Other domestic production of quartz stone manufacturers in the present still do not produce quartz stone, the first is the plate can not do pure quartz stone (quartz can only do more than 80%, the rest with calcium powder added, resin content far more than 10%). The quartz content of Beveron quartz is 93-94% and the resin content is 6-7%. Because the higher the amount of resin, quartz stone quality is worse, the more easily deformed quartz, the more resistant to scraping, this is not only a 10% with the 6-7% of the digital problem, nor from the cost of consideration to reduce the amount of resin, but only the amount of resin to do this, quartz stone to achieve the corresponding quality. Quartz stone content is more difficult to produce, but if the resin quantity does not reduce to 6-7%, there is no way to produce qualified 3.05x1.45 meters of the big Board. China's quartz stone just started, so many domestic manufacturers can only be low-grade stone or quartz hillock stone to confuse the market. Quartz stone Plate is the higher the content of quartz stone, the lower the amount of resin, the better the quality, the closer to the natural, the more difficult to deformation.