Precautions for the use and maintenance of quartz stone countertops

- Nov 22, 2018-

Precautions for the use and maintenance of quartz stone countertops

At present, the most widely used cabinet countertop material on the market is quartz stone. Quartz stone countertops are famous for their wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and high density. They are popular among consumers, but we have a lot of advantages and materials. What problems should I pay attention to during normal use and maintenance?

The high-grade quartz stone plate is a brittle polymer composite artificial stone plate, which has the thermal expansion and contraction characteristics of natural stone, and it also has certain stress standards, although the quartz stone plate itself is strong and durable. But in fact, it is not invincible, we should pay more attention to the protection of the board during the use and processing. Today we analyze the cracking.

There are many reasons for the cracking of quartz stone. The first is the stimulation of high temperature. When the high temperature exceeds its tolerance standard, cracks will be difficult to avoid. Therefore, even if the quartz stone surface is very high in heat resistance, it should be avoided. The pot is in direct contact with the countertop. Need to be placed on the insulation mat. Especially in the central part of China, there is no heating in the winter room, the temperature of the room temperature and the countertop is low, but the boiling water and the temperature of the pot are high, and the thermal expansion and contraction of the contact with the table top is extremely easy to cause cracking. Of course, the external Severe shock is also the most fundamental cause of its fracture, but beyond these reasons, you can't ignore the details that might cause it to break.

Quartz stone countertops should not be cut on the table surface, heavy objects impact or standing on the countertop, especially in weak parts such as stoves and basins. Although quartz stone countertops have a certain hardness and supporting force, they cannot withstand such impact and gravity, which will cause the table to break.

There is also the need to install aluminum alloy strips or special quartz stone pads at the bottom of the table, so that the table top can avoid cracking due to uneven force during installation and use.

The following reasons for cracking are also necessary to pay attention to.

1: cracks appear in the sink, around the stove

In the cracks around the water tank and the stove, in addition to the unsmoothness of the edges of the water tank and the cooktop hole, there is not enough expansion joint for the water tank, the stove and the table top when installing. Once the heat expansion and contraction is affected, the table surface shrinkage force is not All will cause a break.

2: Crack appears in the back water level

Cracks appear in the back water position of the countertop. Consumers should check whether the mat gasket is installed properly and ensure that the mat is flat. Whether the glue is in place. The mat is not flat or the glue is not completely bonded. The bearing capacity of the countertop will be greatly reduced, increasing the chance of cracking.

3: Cracks appear at the seams

If there is a crack in the seam of the countertop, there may be operational problems during the installation of the countertop. The installer may apply glue to the joints of the two faces, so that the surface of the table is not evenly applied, or the glue applied to the joints is not evenly coated, or even the excess amount of curing agent added in the applied glue will be The seam becomes brittle and the intolerance occurs.

4: Crack appears in the middle of the countertop

If there is a crack in the middle of the countertop, it is that the user's daily use is relatively careless. The behavior of some high-temperature pots placed directly on the countertop is to greatly reduce the service life of the countertop, and at the same time, the inequality of the cabinet carrying the cracked countertop is not excluded.