Two major problems and causes of quartz stone countertops

- Aug 24, 2018-

Two major problems and causes of quartz stone countertops

Quartz stone is one of the common countertop materials. Many people buy quartz stone. I don't know that there are many quartz stone countertops with poor quality, which will cause the table to be easily broken, with high water absorption, easy color absorption and discoloration. Resins for poor quality countertops are also inexpensive resins. Finally, the production process, the small quartz stone manufacturers' equipment is simple, the press can not do vacuum, high pressure, will cause the density of the table is not enough, there are pores. The simple equipment of the grinding machine will result in insufficient gloss on the table top. If the thickness is not good, the thickness of the table will be uneven.

Analysis of two major problems in quartz stone countertops in daily life.

1. Countertop cracking

Cause Analysis:

1 countertop sheet quality problem

2 improper use

3 countertop processing and installation

How to solve:

Before you buy, you must recognize the regular brand, do not rush to buy cheap quality plates, and the regular brands are guaranteed. Avoid direct contact with the heat container during use, and do not hit the table top. Because quartz stone has a certain thermal expansion and contraction. When cutting materials during processing, we must pay attention to the problem of chipping. Opening holes should avoid the right angle opening. The arc type should be selected. It is necessary to leave the expansion joint 3-5mm between the wall and the wall to avoid thermal expansion and contraction. 2, quartz stone countertop bleed

Cause Analysis:

1 There is calcium powder in the ingredients of the plate material;

2 contact with dark liquid for a long time;

The water absorption rate of the qualified quartz stone plate is almost 0.02%, and it will not penetrate into the interior of the plate if it is not soaked for a long time. Before the purchase and acceptance, it can be dripped into the surface of the board with oxalic acid or toilet bowl. If bubbles appear, it means that the board contains calcium powder. Household materials should be separated from the table top by a rubber pad. Since the material bottle may seep out, if it is not cleaned in time, it may penetrate into the inside of the table surface for a long time, and there must be a permeability of 0.02%.

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