What are the uses of quartz stone

- Aug 13, 2018-

What are the uses of quartz stone

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Quartz stone use area


Because the speciality of its products is mainly used in the kitchen field, it can be matched with different countertop colors and different processing techniques according to the style of the cabinet. Therefore, the professional degree of the cabinet designer is very important. The editors listed the points that need attention. There is a number in my heart.

The larger the kitchen area, the more the table style and shape can be highlighted. Especially the open kitchen, through the professional design, fully demonstrates the artistry of quartz stone countertops, making the kitchen more integrated and a visual focus.

What kind of kitchen style determines the style of the countertop, such as the modern style, you can choose the color of the simple, simple style of the countertop style, European or American style can choose marble, granite and complex edge.

The kitchen and kitchen design is one of the trends in kitchen design nowadays. The perfect combination of dining table and countertop can be realized through the design of professional cabinet designers.

Some small details of processing need to pay attention to, similar to the process of sinks, it is recommended to choose the basin under the basin as much as possible, and the water is not easy to drip in the cabinet. The side stitching should try to select 45 degree stitching, so that the side can not see the seam. . .


Due to its anti-penetration and antibacterial properties, and easy cleaning, the bathroom can also be used as a substitute for marble and ceramic tiles. This may require communication with your home improvement designer because the design, construction process and kitchen countertop are available. difference. Tile tile problems can be added to edit WeChat W_honey91611, join the "July collection community", consult the "tiles encyclopedia of tile industry" Shun Ma.

The bathroom countertop is an important area for use in the bathroom. For some families, the frequency of use is estimated to be higher than that of the kitchen countertop. Because it contains cosmetics and other chemical-containing items, it is different from the traditional marble, and it is very convenient to clean.

It is also possible to lay around the bathtub where water and bath products are encountered every day, so that it is more integrated with the bathroom countertop.

Different from the triviality of the tile, and the blackening between the seam and the seam will be difficult to clean up. The quartz stone wall and the ground are more integrated. You can try the atmosphere saving style. The installation method is close to the marble laying. Method, the wall needs to be hooked and other technologies, and it is necessary to communicate with the construction team.

More areas:

In addition to the kitchen room and bathroom, in some public areas of the home, the wall and the ground can be used, as well as the window sill, window frame, dining table, desk, workbench, etc., also need to help you through your home improvement designer. Design, in addition, the material such as the kitchen countertop sink can be filled with processing fees and installed on the window sill.

When applied to the ground, it can also be alternately laid with tiles, so that it is both aesthetically pleasing and safe, and can be non-slip.