What is quartz stone?

- Aug 07, 2018-


      What is quartz stone

Quartz stone, generally speaking, quartz stone is a new type of stone synthesized by more than 90% quartz crystal plus resin and other trace elements. It is a large-sized plate that is pressed by a special machine under certain physical and chemical conditions. Its main material is quartz.

Quartz is a mineral that easily becomes liquid when heated or pressurized. It is also a fairly common rock-forming mineral, found in all three types of rock. Because it crystallizes at the latest in igneous rocks, it usually lacks a complete crystal plane and is mostly filled in the middle of other crystallization minerals.

The composition of quartz is the simplest cerium oxide, glass luster, no cleavage surface, but with a shell-like fracture. Microcrystalline quartz is called chalcedony, agate or jasper. Pure quartz is colorless, but presents different colors due to impurities that often contain transition elements. Quartz is very stable and does not easily weather or change into other minerals. According to the degree of SiO2 crystallinity, it can be divided into crystallized single crystal quartz and polycrystalline quartzite jade. Gloss: Glass luster. Color: no, white, with a touch of gray, yellow to orange, purple, deep purple, pink, gray brown, brown, black. Streak: white. Specific gravity: 2.65 ~ 2.66. Category: Metamorphic rock, which is metamorphosed by sandstone.