What is the difference between quartz stone, marble and man-made stone?

- Jul 04, 2018-

Marble: Is the natural stone, the use of advantages: durable, the color of the material is quartz stone, man-made stone can not be manufactured. Its disadvantage: the radiation of the stone is high, its internal hole, easy to mold. 

Artificial Stone: The price is cheaper, soft, weak because of the soft material and easy to scrape, and leakage resistance, easy to mold, easy to be contaminated, its refractory, high resin content. 

Quartz Stone (quartz stone is actually a kind of man-made stone): not easy to scrape flowers, its main content is quartz sand (silica) 95%, its ore texture hard, MO hardness of 7.5, comparable to the hardness of diamond, not easy to scrape flowers, and has a certain sterilization effect. Metal items can not be scratched. Not easy to pollute, Quartz stone is produced in a vacuum, and its interior and exterior is a new composite density without orifice plate. The surface of the corrosion-resistant, such as the plate surface if there is a stain or yellowing of the mark, you can use detergent or cleaning towel to clear. In the daily cleaning, with clean water simple. Not easy to burn, quartz stone is a high temperature-resistant performance, Its fire-resistant point is about 1300 degrees Celsius, its stone has 93% of the quartz contains completely flame-retardant, high-temperature performance, will not because of stone burning will cause food poisoning.