Why do quartz glue sometimes not dry for a long time?

- Nov 12, 2018-

Why do quartz glue sometimes not dry for a long time?

At present, quartz stone has been widely used in the whole building decoration. The processing of quartz stone is different from ordinary artificial stone;

In the seamless splicing of quartz stone, occasionally there will be glue that does not solidify for a long time. What is the cause?

The reasons for the glue not coagulating are as follows:

1" did not adjust the glue in the correct proportion

▲When the construction of the workers is not strictly adjusted according to the proportion of the glue, even if not evenly adjusted according to the proportion will lead to not dry;

▲If the time is long, it will pollute the quartz stone and affect the use effect of the quartz stone countertop!

2 temperature affects the coagulation of glue

▲ There is no environment (temperature and humidity modulation) according to the construction site;

▲The use of resin glue is to be used with quartz powder and curing agent, so there are certain requirements for temperature and humidity;

▲The amount of curing agent added will change accordingly.

3 glue mixed with foreign matter

▲The foreign matter in the glue (such as water, mud, etc.) enters, the foreign matter causes the glue to be impure, and the viscosity is greatly reduced;

▲In normal quartz stone splicing, pay attention to whether there is foreign matter in the glue. If there is foreign matter, you need to take it out.

4 construction on wet or rainy days

▲Construction in rainy and humid areas only causes a slow or no solidification of the glue.