Why is the quartz stone sample color different from the large plate?

- Sep 28, 2018-

Why is the quartz stone sample color different from the large slab?

   In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher. The requirements of home decoration are not only the requirements of vision, but also the pursuit of environmental protection and quality of materials. The use of stone in architectural decoration has thousands of years of history and culture. For places with high decoration requirements, stone is the best choice. Since natural stone is directly mined and nature itself covers some harmful substances to the human body, quartz stone appears in front of people when people pursue better substitutes. The problems that followed were also revealed, and many customers would encounter differences in the color of the samples purchased before the purchase. Here are the reasons why the color difference of quartz stone appears in Hong Dingjun!

   The main reason for the color difference of quartz stone slabs comes from quartz stone raw materials instead of dyes. The dyes can be artificially controlled, but the color difference of quartz stone raw materials (300 mesh or more quartz sand) is difficult to control because of the quality of each batch of ore. Different, the plates produced in different batches will have a slight color difference. What's more, the color difference of natural stone is even greater. For some small quartz stone manufacturers, if the raw material requirements are too high, the cost will increase greatly. This is the contradiction.

Control raw materials, especially quartz sand, whiteness sometimes differs a few points, which requires manual selection, as well as glass particles. Because quartz sand is a natural ore, it has different components: wheat slate, weathered stone, etc. The color is different. If the raw material control is strict, the production cost will be greatly increased, resulting in an increase in the price of quartz. The reason for value for money is that everyone understands that ABC quartz reminds not to buy blindly, but to shop around. The ratio should not be completely price, more important quality.