Why is the quartz stone slab so popular?

- Sep 20, 2018-


Why is the quartz stone slab so popular?

Quartz stone has the perfect texture and texture of natural stone and the variability of artificial stone

It is the preferred building material product for the current kitchen countertop. This is inevitable.

But the potential of quartz slabs can’t stop there.

The reason why quartz stone slabs are getting more and more popular is because they have a wider space for application. A large board can cut more sheet sizes and a small board can only be made into a kitchen countertop.

Quartz stone is widely used in developed countries in Europe and America

The market is not limited to kitchen countertops

Quartz stone slabs can cut more specifications and sizes

So it is more adaptable

And the large board can make more full use of the remaining materials according to different needs.

The products are all self-developed super-large press vacuum and shock-pressure compression molding, which not only makes the surface structure of the plate extremely dense, but also realizes diversified production of different kinds of specifications, which meets various types of plate applications for engineering decoration and home decoration.