Why use quartz stone as a countertop? The original advantage is so much

- Dec 03, 2018-

A person's life often spends a lot of time at home, just to give the body and mind full comfort, having a perfect kitchen to meet the needs of the stomach, will make us have more expectations for life. The warm seaport at home, then the kitchen is the most indispensable presence of this port. When decorating the kitchen, more people will choose quartz slate to make the countertop, because its natural appearance and superb quality can determine the style and temperament of the whole kitchen.

So, what are the highlights of the quartz stone countertops that more people choose? Then Xiaobian announced one by one.

-01-Advanced appearance | Better from nature than nature

Abcquartz quartz stone uses a cutting-edge process that combines a natural aura and modern craftsmanship with a natural stone-like quartz stone solid surface material made from 93% natural quartz sand and 7% high-grade resin and auxiliary materials. Quartz is the fourth largest hard mineral after diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Its excellent hardness and durability allow the quartz stone to retain its original appearance after prolonged use.

-02- dense non-porous | waterproof and anti-fouling

The natural inorganic materials and resins are subjected to vacuum treatment, vibration removal and compression molding, etc., so that the quartz components of ABCquartz stone are chemically combined in a close and fine manner, and the quartz stone forms a dense non-porous structure, and the water absorption rate is extremely low. At the same time, it also perfects the defects of natural stone, with antibacterial, anti-mildew and anti-fouling characteristics. It is a high-quality building stone with strong resistance.

-03-Scratch resistant, impact resistant

ABCquartz stone contains 93% quartz sand, which has excellent scratch resistance and can be used in occasions with special requirements on material wear performance. For example, when applied to kitchen countertops, even if the pan and pan are bumped, it will not be easily scratched or broken, so you can use it with confidence.

-04-Corrosion and aging

If the surface is diluted with sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, ordinary quartz stones will be damaged and yellow, and inferior quartz stones doped with other harmful substances will generate bubbles.

ABCquartz stone uses high quality environmentally friendly pigments and dyeing process. Constant color and strong aging resistance. Even if hydrochloric acid is added dropwise or even hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid is added dropwise, no chemical reaction will occur on the surface.

-05-High temperature resistance, flame resistance, no harm to people

ABCquartz stone is made of high quality quartz crystal and high-grade resin. Its fire rating is Class B. It is a flame retardant material. It is effective against high temperatures and heat sources in kitchen countertop applications, and is resistant to discoloration and yellowing.

-06- really healthy

ABC quartz stone is made of high quality quartz sand extracted from its own mine. Good sand quality, high whiteness, less impurities, no yellowing, no weathering particles, strong penetration. The resin is made of high quality resin, transparent and pure, without impurities. Quartz slate has a strong sense of transparency.

In addition, Zhongxun Quartz strictly follows the green environmental protection standards in the production process, and adopts leading environmentally friendly production equipment to ensure the high quality of the products. Zhongxun quartz stone has obtained international authority certification, such as NSF, SGS, CE and so on. Contact does not cause any harmful pollution and can be used with confidence.

-07-Various colors, beautiful | Wide range of applications

ABCquartz focuses on the development and promotion of internationally popular quartz stone colors. The design inspiration is collected all over the world, the color and texture are more fashionable and more fashionable, enhance the visual effects and decorative effects, and it is easier to cooperate with various spaces. game.

-08- Multiple thicknesses | Easy to design and process

At present, the maximum specification of ABCquartz stone is 3200mm×1600mm, and the thickness can be 15mm, 20mm, 30mm. Taking into account the main characteristics of the product, including strong pressure resistance, thermal shock resistance, patterns, etc., the huge quartz stone size and various thicknesses make it a wider processing choice.