Winter is coming, your quartz stone needs special care

- Nov 14, 2018-

Winter is coming, your quartz stone needs special care

The hardness and wear resistance of quartz stone plates are better than other artificial stone plates, and the heat resistance is better. However, no matter whether it is artificial stone or quartz stone, the hot container can not be directly placed on the surface of the plate, and the thermal expansion and contraction will be Lead to local molecular structural changes. If you do not use the insulation mat, place high-temperature objects directly on the countertop surface. It will be different for a long time.

If you touch the high-temperature object, there will be a difference even if it does not burst.


The reason why quartz stone cracks in winter

At present, the northern part of China has entered the winter season, which is also the high season of quartz stone countertop cracking. Because quartz stone is a polymer composite material, it also has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction. It also has certain mechanical properties such as shrinkage stress, impact toughness and elongation at break. When the material cannot withstand the internal stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction. A burst may occur.

Winter quartz stone care little coup

Local contact with high temperature objects should be avoided for a long time, especially when the temperature difference is large. If you need to place it, you should use a heat insulation mat.

Quartz stone is an extremely dense material. Generally, the oil is impermeable and easy to clean. In winter, it can be brightened with a warm water rag.

Avoid hitting the countertop, cut and smash on the countertop, and don't use the quartz stone countertop as a cutting board.

If you are going to buy quartz in the winter:


Before installation, check the flatness of the cabinet and check that the quartz stone countertop size matches the cabinet. If an error occurs, the quartz stone countertop needs to be reworked or the cabinet is trimmed.

Size reservation

When measuring the depth of the cabinet, the table needs to be 4cm in size to facilitate the installation of the lower slats.

Countertop fixing

In order to splicing some super-long table tops (such as L-shaped table tops), in order to ensure the flatness of the splicing table and the tightness of the joints, it is recommended to use a strong fixing clip (A clip, F clip) to fix the quartz stone sheet. In addition, when attaching the hanging strips, it is also necessary to use a strong fixing clip to ensure the perfect combination of the table top stitching and the gap between the table top and the lower hanging strip.

Distance reservation

There should be a certain distance between the quartz stone countertop and the wall (usually 3mm to 5mm). After the installation is completed, the glass glue should be evenly applied to the gap between the countertop and the wall. Avoid cracking of the table top due to thermal expansion and contraction.