Engineered Quartz Stone VS Natural Stone

- Aug 09, 2018-

Nowadays more and more people choose Engineered quartz stone for interior tiles, kitchen countertops and vanity tops. But why? Today let us talk about the reason – why people prefer to engineered quartz stone than natural stone.

As we know there are many natural stone we can select in the market, such as natural marble, granite, sandstone, travertine etc. Before the engineered quartz stone appeared, people like to use natural granite for kitchen countertops and marble for floor tiles and vanity tops, but these materials with their disadvantages. Natural granite some people said that it has radiation and effect body health. Natural marble especially the white base color, it is very easy to get dirty and difficult to clean. Besides, marble is too weak to resist the heat and hard thing.

With the development of the industry, people interested to try engineered quartz stone, because it’s made by natural quartzite which is the second hardest material on the earth. There are various color choices of quartz stone – plain color, mirror chips color, multi-color and even marble vein color which looks the same as natural marble and granite.

The performance of quartz stone is much better than natural stone. It’s much harder, easier to clean and not difficult to maintain. Available sizes of the stone reach to jumbo size 3200x1600mm so that customers can use them to cut for big kitchen for their project and house.