Get The Look: Quartz Stone Stairs

- Aug 01, 2018-

The quartz stone, which we are familiar with used for interior kitchen and bathrooms countertops. Now we are strongly recommend to use it for your stairs. Firstly let’s have a look at the quartz stone stairs that we produced recently.





In this case we used our Calacatta Gold Quartz, which is a beautiful white background and with stunning gold veins that gives aura of richness. It features beautiful veining that resembles real Calacatta marble, while has more prominent veins for a bolder marble-look appearance.

The Quartz Stone Stairs can be produced with many sizes and customized size is available as well.

Normal Size:

Step: 110-150*30-35cm

Riser: 110-150*10-15cm

Thickness: 1.8cm; 2cm; 3cm

Edge: Round; Eased; Bullnose; Laminated

Quartz Stone Stairs Quality:

 No deformation,non-repudiation side, 
 No sand hole,no scratches,no cracks, 
 No binding,no dots,no voids. 
 1. High resistance to scratch and corrosion
 2. High temperature resistant
 3. High hardness (7 grade)
 4. Easy to clean and maintain