How Do Newbies Buy Quartz Stone?

- Sep 14, 2018-

How do newbies buy quartz stone?

Quartz stone was originally only used on cabinet countertops with high surface requirements, furniture countertops, and laboratory consoles. With the economic development and further maturity of the market, more foreign stone, wall, furniture and other fields have begun to use quartz stone. Quartz stone will become the mainstream product of cabinet countertops, plus bathroom countertops, table tops, floors, walls and other The application of the field, quartz stone breeds a huge industry

Quartz stone has been developed in China for more than ten years. Although there are many kinds of quartz stone products on the market today, the quality of the products is uneven. Many friends will leave a message asking how to identify the quality of quartz stone.

1, look at the hardness of the plate, quartz stone has two practices: one for die casting; the other for casting.

The cast quartz stone is directly cast and formed, which causes pores in the middle of the plate to easily penetrate the plate, and too many resin plates are easily cracked. Die-cast quartz stone is to be die-cast by press molding, so that the plate is tighter and more dense, but the die-cast quartz stone on the market is uneven, mainly the size of the press.

Small quartz stone manufacturers are relatively small, generally at a pressure of 20 tons, while the pressure of large manufacturers is more than 60 tons, about 90 tons. The plateau of a large manufacturer is 20T, and the hardness of such a plate can reach Mohs hardness of 6 or above (tested by professional departments). The site generally hits the countertop, the sound is relatively brittle, and the quality of the countertop is relatively reliable.

2, quartz stone countertops can not do well, depending on the strength of the manufacturer, and the color of quartz stone is precisely to reflect the strength of a company. The color of quartz stone is mainly composed of monochromatic and mixed colors. Monochrome mainly depends on the bottom color is not transparent, the color is not correct, the number of impurity points to judge good or bad.

The color mixing system is mainly composed of solid wood door panels and high-end cabinets, mainly in the titanium series, the magic color series, the leather series, and the ordinary two-color three-color system. Like the small manufacturers on the market and the low-end brands of quartz stone, mainly based on the monochromatic system, a little bit of ordinary two-color three-color system, and there are not many manufacturers with good colors.

3. Finally, from the particle analysis, good quartz stone particles are abundant, there are glass particles, quartz sand particles, metal particles, and the good plate particles have less impurities, such plates are fresh, clean and beautiful.

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