How To Choose Quartz Stone Countertops

- Aug 20, 2018-

How to choose quartz stone countertops

 1 [Hardness]: The content of high-quality quartz stone quartz sand is more than 93%. The hard stone scraping quartz stone countertops with tools and tools will not be scratched. Shengmei quartz stone, selected 93% high purity quartz sand. Superior hardness and purity of the board.

  2 [High temperature resistance]: Contact the surface of the quartz stone plate with a high temperature object, and the high quality quartz stone plate will not leave any trace. Shengmei quartz stone is resistant to high temperature, deformation, surface, and will not be damaged by hot water or oil stains splashed from the pot.

 3 [Corrosion resistance]: High-quality quartz stone is not doped with marble or granite powder. These minerals have calcium carbonate composition. A certain proportion of acid drops on the surface of the quartz stone plate, and the surface of the plate is not reactive. Shengmei quartz stone is made of high-purity quartz sand, high-grade resin and some imported raw and auxiliary materials. It is not doped with marble or granite powder.

4 [Soil resistance performance]: Inferior quartz stone has poor anti-fouling performance. Soy sauce, vinegar, etc. stay on the quartz stone countertop and it is easy to penetrate into the countertop and it is difficult to clean. After the surface of Shengmei quartz stone is treated with nano anti-staining, the general kitchen oil, sauce, vinegar, red wine, juice, coffee, acid, alkali and other substances are difficult to penetrate. Just use a rag to gently restore the light as new, leaving no traces.

 5 [Texture and color]: The quality of quartz stone is saturated and round, the color is bright, the particles are even, the colors are diverse and smooth and clear. Shengmei quartz stone is rich in color and has a wide variety to meet the needs of the market.

 6 [ Countertop processing technology]: Good countertops, the joints are handled very perfectly, and there are almost no joints. . The inferior quartz stone countertop has a rough process, which affects the aesthetics of the countertop, and the countertop is easily deformed and cracked.

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