How To Distinguish True Quartz Stone Mesa?

- Jul 04, 2018-

The simplest way is to look at the price, because the quality of quartz stone quality, its price is doomed will not be cheap, if you buy the "quartz stone" per the price of the meter is less than 700 yuan, it is necessary to carefully see whether it is granite or quartz stone. 180 yuan a meter or more than 200 meters is a man-made stone, man-made stone appearance is very similar to quartz stone, but hardness and infiltration is poor, and not environmental protection, even toxic.

1.Method one: Using hydrochloric acid and other immersion test

In order to maximize profits, some manufacturers will be in quartz stone table raw materials doped calcium carbonate.

and calcium carbonate capacity and acid reaction, if the purchase of this table, later in use, the table is very easy to change. Therefore, when buying, you can have a sample, put it into the hydrochloric or other acidic liquid immersion, if the product contains calcium carbonate, will react with the acid.

2.Method Two: Test the infiltration of dirt

High quality quartz stone plate surface and the internal structure of the same fine compact and uniform, so the water absorption rate is low, strong resistance to permeability.

and the production equipment and technology behind The imitation quartz stone is often limited to the appearance looks like the same, but the internal structure of loose and porous, weak resistance to osmosis, water absorption, infiltration of strong. When you buy, you can pour soy sauce on the quartz Shitai surface check to see if it will seep color, inferior quartz stone Mesa 1 days on the infiltration of color, high-quality will not.

3.Method Three: Use knife to check wear resistance

Quartz Stone Mesa main components for silica, the highest hardness, the market quartz stone by quartz crystal and resin synthesis, generally labeled quartz content of about 93%. Therefore, the possibility of fracture is very small, but also more wear-resistant. False Quartz stone resin content is high, surface hardness will be relatively low, easily scratched. When you buy, you can use a knife and so on the table to try to draw a uniform.

4.Method Four: Heat resistance of fire check

Inferior quartz stone resin content is too high, heat resistance will also be reduced. So, you can use this, burn the sample with a lighter, and see if it leaves traces.