What Is Quartz Stone

- Aug 21, 2018-

What is quartz stone?

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Quartz stone is a new type of stone that is 92% quartz sand powder and 8% resin, pigment and other auxiliary materials under high pressure compression forming and high temperature state. It is a non-radioactive pollution, reusable environmental protection, green new building materials. And decorative materials.

Quartz stone must fully meet the following four conditions

1. Resin content (including all liquid excipients) 7-12%.

Less than 7% of toughness is insufficient, easy to break; more than 12% is easy to deform. Some quartz stone resin content is about 15%, so it is a fake quartz stone.

2. Must be formed under high pressure in a vacuum.

Whether it is low pressure forming or cast forming, the quartz stone plate has insufficient compactness and is easy to bleed and not stain resistant, so it is a pseudo quartz.

3. The hardness of quartz stone plates must be provided by quartz sand.

The glass is not quartz, and the proportion (mass percentage) of glass particles in the quartz stone plate must be below 20%.

4. Curing and setting under high temperature conditions.

Some quartz stones are mainly formed by cold curing or low temperature curing below 100 ° C, so they are pseudo quartz.

Quartz stone composition

1. Resin: Resin is a matrix material of quartz stone, which has the function of bonding and providing toughness.

2. Filler: The main component of quartz stone filler is silica, others include: quartz stone sand, quartz powder, foundry sand, broken glass, shell, sea sand.

3. Pigment: The role of pigment in quartz stone is to match the color of the flower to make it colorful.

4. Curing agent: The curing agent is an indispensable additive for quartz stone production. Good quartz stone is formed by high temperature curing.

5. Other additives: Resin is a polymer polymer material. Adding some additives can improve its process, improve production efficiency, enhance quartz stone performance and extend life.