What Is The Difference Between Man-made Stone And Quartz Stone?

- Jul 04, 2018-

The difference between man-made stone and quartz stone is mainly composition, property and production process. From the ingredients, artificial stone, including resin artificial stone, pure acrylic artificial stone and man-made stone, etc., fillers are natural stone powder or aluminum hydroxide powder, common is to use resin to do bonding, because the resin man-made stone is generally not resistant to high temperature, hardness is also poor, but the quality of artificial Shihu artificial stone plasticity is good can do any shape , and man-made stone (excluding man-made stone) environmental splicing seamless, this is not the quartz stone.

Quartz stone is the main component of quartz sand and a very small resin, high temperature resistant high-temperature oil, high-quality quartz stone green light can also be seamless splicing, because the quartz stone is too hard as man-made stone like to do a variety of curved shape.

Comparison of man-made stone and quartz stone is very simple, man-made stone is generally 11--12 a thick, quartz stone is more than 15 thick, man-made stone than quartz stone light a lot, man-made stone not scratch, quartz stone scrape not hurt.