Why Can Quartz Stone Be The Preferred Surface Material For Cabinet Countertops?

- Sep 05, 2018-

Why can quartz stone be the preferred surface material for cabinet countertops?

Nowadays, quartz stone countertops have become the preferred surface material for cabinet countertops. The quality of countertops will not only affect the aesthetics of the whole kitchen, but also directly affect the service life of cabinets. Therefore, it is especially important to purchase high-quality cabinet countertops.

There are many materials for countertops, but quartz stone is the most popular among consumers. Why can quartz stone be the preferred surface material for cabinet countertops? What are the unparalleled qualities of it?

First, easy to clean

Quartz stone countertop production process adopts special process treatment, taking into account the two advantages of beauty and hygiene. The surface is dense and non-porous. Compared with traditional artificial stone countertops, it is not easy to hide dirt, breed bacteria, and is easier to clean and manage.

Second, non-toxic, no radiation

Everyone knows that natural stone contains radioactive materials such as heavy metals. The state of quartz stone before the artificial synthesis is granular, and after strict beneficiation and impurity purification, it does not contain heavy metal impurities, so there is no radioactivity problem.

Quartz stone countertops have excellent acid and alkali resistance, and their corrosion resistance is the best in artificial stone.

Quartz stone raw materials contain high-quality compounding agents and anti-aging additives. Under normal temperature conditions, there is basically no aging phenomenon after many years of use.

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