Why Should We Develop Quartz Stone?

- Jul 04, 2018-

At present, domestic and foreign main cabinet surface materials have fireproof board, stainless steel, natural stone, artificial stone, quartz and so on. One of the Quartz stone table with its quality is the most favorable market.

1.Fireproof Board Table:   

Fire Board table is currently at its low price by people's wide welcome, fireproof Board Mesa substrate for the density board, decorated with fire board. Thickness: 4mm, colorful and diverse, fire prevention, moisture-proof, oil-resistant, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature, easy to clean. But the compression, scratch resistance, hardness can not meet the requirements, and the service life is short. Therefore, fire board has become increasingly unable to meet consumer demand, market share from the beginning of the 30% to 5% below.

2.Stainless Steel Table:   

Stainless steel countertops are rugged and easy to clean. However, the single color of stainless steel table is not amiable, warm, lack of family warmth, in the emphasis on individuality and the return to the nature of the domestic popular culture is no longer favored. At present, the market share is about 8%.


3.Natural Stone: 

Marble, granite and jade   Natural stone is divided into marble, granite, jade and other natural stone with natural lines, more beautiful, but the natural stone has pores, easy to save grease, and natural stone brittle, can not produce more than 1 meters of Mesa, natural stone table will have seams, these seams also easy accumulation of dirt, affecting health. Natural stone is more hard, and corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, waterproof, fire prevention, easy to clean, so that the traditional table materials. But the length of the natural stone cannot be too long, sometimes it is difficult to meet the needs of the length of the kitchen table, and granite has a strong radioactive, if exceeded, will cause harm to the human body; Although the marble looks strong and durable, in fact, the resistance is not strong, if the color of soy sauce and heavy liquid, it is easy to penetrate the texture, it Natural stone cabinet has once accounted for 80% of the total market, as people's quality of life and health of the pursuit of natural Shitai surface has been increasingly unable to meet people's needs, market share also plummeted by only 20% or so.


4.Artificial Shitai surface:   

Divided into imported and domestic, from the stone powder into man-made fibers by high temperature and high pressure made. Its main features are colorful, surface-free pores, with strong anti-fouling, acid, corrosion resistance, wear-resistant performance, easy to clean. Its deformation, bonding, turning and other parts of the treatment is unique; because there is no surface pores, oil, water stains are not easy to infiltrate, so the resistance is strong, can be any length of seamless bonding, with the material adhesive two pieces of adhesive after grinding, seamless. But artificial stone easy to be scratched, hardness is not enough, antibacterial, environmental protection also not ideal.


5.Quartz Stone:   

Compared with the above table material. Quartz stone is in the vacuum conditions of quartz crystal, resin and trace pigments and other materials through heterogeneous polymerization technology made of large size plate, its up to 94% of quartz crystal as the main structure, so that its texture more rigid, close, with other decorative materials can not be compared to wear, pressure, high temperature, corrosion resistance, seepage and other characteristics. The color rich combination makes it have the natural stone texture and the beautiful surface luster. Quartz Mesa with other materials can not be compared to the advantages, a generation is sought after by people, but because the technology is not mature, the international only a few manufacturers can produce quartz stone countertops, and quartz stone table price is also unusually expensive. Beveron Enterprise has a strong research and development design capabilities, at the same time to achieve large-scale production significantly reduce production costs, making Beveron quartz stone products and prices compared with foreign advantages. At the same time with the production technology further mature, quartz stone will be more than other man-made stone more cost-effective (resin has a price far higher than the price of quartz), and quartz stone is the higher the content of quartz, resin, the lower the quality of the better, the closer to the natural, the more difficult to deformation.