Why Should We Use Quartz Stone Countertops?

- Jul 03, 2018-

1. Not easy to scratch: 

Quartz stone plate after vacuum vibration compression extrusion molding, Quartz has reached Morse 6~7.5 grade of hardness,(Rub hardness, an Austrian mineralogical biologist, has established a hardness meter that is internationally recognised for hardness testing, with a level 10 for the highest hardness and 10 for diamonds).

2. Extremely high temperature, burns does not injure:

Reason: Quartz high temperature resistance, resin does not withstand high temperature.

3. The real stone feeling: 

Reason: Because quartz stone contains 93% quartz crystal, so the feeling is very similar to stone, and quartz stone is fused natural stone and artificial acrylic the advantages of both.

So, from the point of view of color than the real stone color richer, and almost colorless poor.

4. Strong resistance to pollution, not easy to penetrate stains: 

Reason: Because after dozens of complex surface treatment methods, so its surface structure is extremely tight, the product is fine without holes, the water absorption rate is almost zero; general kitchen oil, sauce, tea, juice, coffee, acid, alkali and other substances can not penetrate, so the anti-fouling is very strong.

5. Antibacterial: 

Reason: Because its surface layer and material inside equally dense and uniform, no pores and cracks, plus built-in certain antibiotics, so that the bacteria to eliminate the breeding, safe and clean, and food and skin and other direct contact, beneficial to food hygiene and human health.

6. The surface material does not have the radiation, belongs to the green Environmental protection product:

Reason: Because quartz stone is to use natural stone crystallization mineral resources, is one of the richest inorganic material in the world, its si02 (silica) content reaches more than 99.9%,

In the process will be only harmful to the human body, such as heavy metals and other radioactive elements strictly controlled within the allowable range (its own containing heavy metals, such as the number of radioactive elements are less), its mining, use, processing will not have adverse effects on the human body and the environment, so and food and human touch will not have a negative effect.

7. The stone color is consistent, does not fade, does not change color: 

Reason: Quartz stone mostly mineral pigments, so and stone color consistent, not strong daylight for a long time local contrast irradiation, the naked eye is difficult to observe its color changes, in addition, the entire quartz stone in the production process, take the whole automation control equipment, make the product color standard uniform rate is very high.

In the indoor long-term daily use of the process will not be due to oxidation, aging, corrosion, hot material contact and other causes of the fading color and luster.

8. High material toughness: 

Reason: The product contains high-strength glue and resin components, flexible, it will not be brittle.

9. Not easy to break: 0.0 Reason: The product thickness reaches 20mm. And most of the domestic still use 15mm thickness of the plate, and even the actual thickness of Jerry only 13mm, in the face of the impact of external forces easily broken.

Xinhua new Lian Quartz Stone has been with the world famous brand synchronization, from raw materials, processing, product quality control, so that the cracking coefficient reached 0.3%

10. Easy maintenance, once and for all, high performance ratio: 

Reason: The product has excellent physical and chemical characteristics, with any detergent can be clean, even if any ph value of the neutral agent can be clean, easy to use, after the purchase does not need to worry about the maintenance of trouble and inconvenience, a permanent investment, with a good once and for all. High value-added, although the surface of higher prices, but its material value, processing value, service value, environmental hygiene, the use of convenience and aesthetics have a high value-added.