Staturio Quartz

Staturio Quartz

Staturio Quartz Slab Size 126"*63" Thickness 1/2"; 3/4"; 1 1/5"; Samples We recommend viewing the sample before making a design decision and order. Free samples are available. Surface Quality: No deformation,non-repudiation side, No sand hole,no scratches,no cracks, No...

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Staturio Quartz


 Slab Size
 1/2"; 3/4"; 1 1/5";

 We recommend  viewing the sample before making a design decision and order. Free samples are  available.

 Surface  Quality:
 No deformation,non-repudiation side,
 No sand hole,no scratches,no cracks,
 No binding,no dots,no voids.


Staturio Quartz is one of our classic  marble-looking quartz, it's easy to add an enigmatic styling to your  residential and commercial installation. This polished slab has a high sheen  and can provide smooth and unglazed finish to any project.

 Non-porous surface  ensures its high scratch resistance and resistance to stains,heat,corrosion.
 Super hardness:  Moh's hardness can reach 7
 Resistant to high  temperature
 Safety, no radiation
 Free maintenance
 Popular Countertop Size: 96"X36", 96"X25-1/2",  78"X25-1/2", 78"X36", 72"X36", 96"X16"
 Thickness: 3/4"  or 1-1/5"

Customized size is available!

Quartz  countertops are extremely durable because they are dense and hard. The average  mix of natural quartz and manmade material is 93% natural and 7% manmade. Part  of the 7% of incorporated manmade material contains binding resins which are  added to give the countertop a solid and durable composition. This addition  prevents staining, cracking, and chipping.

 Quartz Countertops Technical Specs

Strength and Durability

Chemical Resistance

Water Absorption


Household Chemicals



Ammonium    Chloride(100g/l)

No Visible    Effect

Mohs Hardness


Swimming Pool Salts

Sodium    Hypochlorite(20mg/l)

No Visible    Effect

Acids and Alkalines

Hydrochloric    Acid(3%)

No Visible    Effect

Lactic Acid

No Visible    Effect

Potassium    hydroxide(30&100g/l)

No Visible    Effect

quartz countertop.jpg

quartz countertop example.jpg

 1. Where should the quartz stone be used?
 Quartz stone  should be used indoor such as kitchen countertops, bathroom, vanity tops or  floor tiles, where are not exposed to direct sunshine.
 2. Why should we use quartz stone better than natural stone?
 Quartz stone has higher  density and hardness, less water absorption, more durable and less maintenance,  and better consistent color tone.
 3.  Can you copy the color and pattern based on samples  which is not in your standard products range?
 Yes. Our  professional technical group can do it and normally our copy one could be 95%  similar.
 4. Is sample available?
 Samples are  available and normally coming with small size: 100*100*10mm.
 5. How about the MOQ and delivery time?
 Normally one 20'  container and can mix different designs. The delivery time is around 30 days  after the payment received.

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