Quartz Worktops

Quartz Worktops

Quartz Worktop Standard Size: Kitchen Worktop: 98"x42", 76"x42", 76"x36", 86"x42", 96"x36" Edge: eased&polished; 2+2cm lamination; bullnose etc Engineered Quartz Stone Applications: Engineered quartz stone is widely used for kitchen tops,...

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Quartz Worktop

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Standard  Size:
 Kitchen Worktop: 98"x42",  76"x42", 76"x36", 86"x42",  96"x36" 
 Edge: eased&polished; 2+2cm lamination;  bullnose etc

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 Engineered  Quartz Stone Applications: 
 Engineered quartz stone is widely used for kitchen tops, countertops, bench tops, worktops, table tops, sland tops, vanity tops, bar tops, office reception desk, bathroom, soap dish, mosaic tiles, backsplashes, shower caddy, curb caps, panels, wall, flooring, and also used for airport, metro, exhibition center, showroom, shopping mall, hotel, etc.

 Non-porous, resistant to heat and scratches. While many colors emulate natural stone, manufacturers offer a variety of colors not found with natural stone  products.

 Quartz Countertops Care&Maintenance
 Daily Care and  Maintenance for Quartz Counters
 Make sure to use a non-abrasive cleaner and always  rinse and dry the countertop after cleaning.

 Chemicals and  Harsh Cleansers
 You should avoid exposing your countertop to such things  as oven/grill cleaners, or strippers, paint removers/strippers, toilet bowl  cleaners, oil soaps, tarnish removers, furniture cleaners, battery acid, drain  cleaners. If you accidently expose your countertop to these types of products  immediate rinse the area with water.
 Prolonged exposure to these types of products may  cause discoloration or damage to the countertop.

 Cutting  Directly on Quartz Counter
 Never cut directly on your quartz countertop. Your  countertop is extremely hard and cutting on it directly will show “leave behind”  metal marks from your knives. Else are not scratches and can be removed  following the steps for cleaning. We strongly recommend the use of a cutting  board.


 10- to 15-years warranty.

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